Methodology of creating perfect assignments

How often do you find yourself with assignments? Apparently, assignments do find us on a day to day basis and we must always find a way to have it well done. You must have realized that everything needs a perfect plan from the beginning to the end so as to have the best structure and approach towards amazing results! Check the tips below towards creating a perfect assignment.

Have a Plan

Planning entails a series of analysis on the type of work, time allocation and also the checkpoints that your examiner will be interested in. You need to have … Read more

Reasons to use Scrum in project development

What is Project Management?

In the digital age we are living in, Business owners, institutions, organizations or project purpose establishments usually require software and as well as hardware and work plan models. So, in accordance with these needs, there developed various kinds of project management methods. Each having their own characteristics, roles, tasks and time management methods.

Classical Method

The classical method is waterfall project management. Despite the fact that it does not have a method for time efficiency, the waterfall method has the preliminary attempts to handle and manage tasks to reach for a certain end.

The above project … Read more

Understanding Scrum Methodology – A Guide

SCRUM is a framework that facilitates team collaboration on complex projects. In software development, the SCRUM framework enhances the implementation of the AGILE process. The SCRUM methodology is iterative, incremental, and reactive. The process reacts to conditions on the fly rather taking action based on projected assumptions.

To understand the SCRUM methodology, let us look at it from two main aspects:

1. The Scrum Team.
2. The Scrum Process.

****** The Scrum Team ******

The SCRUM team comprises of five to nine team members with no leadership to assign tasks and determine how problems are solved. The team members can Read more